Detail Prices

Detailing is offered by appointment only.

  • Hand Wash- Hand wash and dry vehicle, exterior glass cleaned, tire pressure checked, engine fluid levels checked.  $29.95

  • Hand Wash and Wax- Same as Hand Wash plus degreasing and waxing outside of vehicle.  $59.95

  • Super Wash and Wax- Super Wash, plus carpets, mats, and trunk swept out, interior and dash wiped down, inside of windows cleaned.  $89.95 

  • Interior Shampoo- Hand wash, carpets and upholstery vacuumed and shampooed, dash/interior wiped down, inside/outside of windows cleaned, tire pressure/fluid levels checked. $99.95

  • Total Detail- Everything listed above, plus buffing the entire paint system with a special gloss enhancer, brush touching vehicle. $299.95

*Vans, SUVs, Full size trucks, and removing heavy road tar is extra.

  • Call ahead for appointments and pricing for larger vehicles.

*Add a shampoo of your carpets and mats to a Super Wash or a Super Wash and Wax for only $50.00 extra.